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Decorative Concrete

When most people think about concrete they think of ugly gray cracked floors and unattractive structures, rather than the increasingly popular decorative concrete we see more and more. Concrete can actually be appealing and attractive to eye. Today, many people are beginning to take advantage of decorative concrete, it is great way for you to enhance the appearance of your business and home at a cost effective price. Decorative concrete is becoming the popular choice for various construction projects because of its performance, value and aesthetics.

Popular types of Decorative Concrete

Color Concrete

Admirers of decorative concrete love the fact that they can subtly blend or boldly display a variety of colors in their concrete structure. New homeowners no longer prefer the mundane gray cement floors and structures, instead they are enhancing their concrete by using color, and although adding color is more expensive it is well worth the additional price. Make your home/office vibrant and lively by adding color and art to your floor or walls.

Acid Stain Concrete

Acid stain concrete gets its decorative look from an interesting process where a chemical reaction with cement and inorganic salts causes the concrete to change colors. The colors and concrete are very durable, especially if you protect it with a wax or sealer. What makes this decorative concrete so unique and alluring is its marble like look, and so guests will be plenty surprised when you tell them the striking colors of reddish brown and green are concrete. Acid stain can be used on walkways, living rooms, and various other cement surfaces.

Stamped Concrete

This concrete process adds color and texture to concrete to make it similar to cobblestone, brick, slate and other materials found in nature. Stamped Concrete is a well-liked choice for renovation projects; it is often combined with other processes such as acid staining to create a more complex and beautiful design. Stamped decorative concrete is usually used for walking paths, patios, pool areas, and driveways.

Vertical Stamped Concrete

Everything that you can do with stamped concrete horizontally you can do vertically and people have been taking advantage of this by utilizing this technique to uniquely decorate their walls and fireplaces. If you like to do it yourself then you can use vertical stamped decorative concrete to create some stunning, detailed works of art. Since, you will not need to walk over the concrete as is done with regular stamped concrete you can spend time hand carving or sculpturing a spectacular, breathtaking design which will see visitors to your home gasping in admiration for your work.

Concrete Countertops

The newest trend out in many interior design magazines and TV shows is the installation of decorative concrete countertops. Kitchens tend to blend in and feel warm and cozy after these intricately designed concrete countertops are installed. These concrete countertops come in a variety of colors and designs that are an ideal fit for any modern or traditional styled room. Unlike with granite and other surfaces, concrete countertops can be easily shaped into unique, intricate shapes, which is one of the many reasons why this product’s popularity is at an all time high.

Polished Concrete

In the beginning polished concrete was not meant to be used as a decorative concrete, it was just meant to be used to keep industrialized concrete floors looking clean and tidy. Thanks to new technology and advancements in equipment, contractors are now able to dye, color, stain and of course polish your concrete floor. The best part of polished decorative concrete floors is that they remain almost maintenance free and the resulting high glossy finish positively gleams, so you can avoid the hassle of treating it with a wax or sealer. Polished concrete floors can be used at homes, businesses buildings and industrial institutions, amongst others. The low cost, durability and low maintenance makes it popular decorative concrete choice for new business developers building restaurants and malls.

Concrete Overlay

Concrete Overlays are commonly used for restoration and beautification projects. A thin overlay is placed over the concrete and spread out with a broom to revitalize an old driveway or else it can be applied over a new project in a decorative way to improve it’s aesthetic appeal. Regular concrete gets cracked, pitted, and damaged by mother-nature. If you want to fix up your old driveway but can’t be bothered to replace and spend a fortune to fix it up from scratch, then you should use a concrete overlay, they can be applied on top of an existing concrete and come in various colors, textures and can even be stamped. Overlay comes in an array of styles from micro taps, self levers to stamp mixes.

Engraved Concrete

Concrete that already exists around your home or office can be remodeled by putting grooves and lines into its surface. This is typically accomplished by using an angle grinder with diamond blades, with which you can engrave a logo or any design that you so chose into your concrete structure.

Stenciling Concrete

Another decorative concrete technique is called concrete stenciling which can be used in the interior or exterior of your home. Stenciling concrete can make your floor stand out with beautiful, intricate designs and the best thing about it is that it’s very inexpensive.