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Polished Concrete Floors - Methods Explained

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Husqvarna Hiperfloor™ is a revolutionary flooring concept for the grinding and polishing of old and new concrete floors. Through market leading R&D strategies, Husqvarna has combined advancements in planetary floor grinders, floor treatment products and the latest resin diamond technologies to create a system whereby new and old concrete floors can be transformed into highly abrasion-resistant, incredibly dense, smooth and visually appealing surfaces.
What is Hiperfloor™?
Hiperfloor™ is not a coating but a method for mechanically grinding, treating and polishing concrete floors. Concrete is already one of the most durable surfaces know to man, however by treating and then polishing it, the surface abrasion resistance and wearing properties are substantially increased.
Husqvarna Hiperfloor™ substantially reduces the need for epoxy or thin film coatings, providing a surface that can withstand even the toughest traffic. Over the life time of the floor, the end result is incredible longevity, performance, shine and beauty, low maintenance and a very cost-effective flooring alternative.
How does it work?
Through an innovative combination of premium grade silicates, liquid materials and specifically engineered diamond technology, the Husqvarna Hiperfloor™ process moves through a succession of steps. These steps are made up of diamond grinding, using progressively finer grit sizes, an effective and exclusive concrete pore filling method (GM 3000™), and the application of Husqvarna's premium liquid densifier (Hiperhard™) that increases the surface hardness of the concrete.
Hiperguard™ Premium Enhance can be applied to the surface at the end of the process to make the concrete significantly more resistant to fats, oils, water and acids.
The Hiperfloor™ process is odourless and relatively quiet meaning application can be worked around your requirements without any need to vacate. No downtime, no lost earnings and minimal inconvenience.
As polished concrete can be used as decorative flooring as well as a structural surface, there are specific placement and finishing techniques required to ensure a quality finished project. Because of this, McGinn Concrete have a team of experienced trades people specialising in the placement, polishing and sealing of polished concrete flooring.
McGinn concrete works in partnership with Boral Concrete, Excel Group, Hanson and CCS to give our customers the widest choice possible in creating their special design. These companies have display stands in our showroom in Kingston, so please come and marry up some samples and start creating your dream design.
For a look at the complete range of polished concrete please download the brochure of each company. If you still can't find the combinations you want then talk to a member of our skilled showroom team to custom create your very own mix design!

Honed And Sealed

Honed & Sealed Concrete is best suited to outdoor areas, paths, driveways & pool surrounds where a non slip finish is required. The main difference compared to the HiPERFLOOR™ is that we only grind to 60 Grit for exterior use and if a Honed & Sealed finish is required for an interior we would grind to 120 Grit, this compares to the many thousands of grit that we use when creating a HiPERFLOOR™. The other main difference is that the floor is sealed once the grinding process is finished.
For exterior finished Honed & Sealed Concrete we recommend using ACS Street Scape Seal WB which is a water based environmentally friendly Silane penetrating sealer specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Green Building Control of Australia's "Green Star" building code. Treated surfaces are effectively protected from the ingress of water based, oil and organic stains.
For interior Honed & Sealed Concrete we grind to 120 Grit and grout the surface to improve the overall shine of the floor. We recommend using 2 base coats of IBS LD1000 acrylic water based sealer to enhance the colours within the floor, we then apply 3 coats of IBS stainless acrylic water based sealer which prevents any stain penetration, to finish the floor we then add 3 coats of high gloss IBS premier sealer thus giving the floor a high shine.
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